Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wandering about new beginnings

The move from Melbourne to Sydney has given me a lot of time to think, but not a lot of time to type.
9 hours in a car, listening to trashy music to keep you awake, counting the sheep and kilometres as you pass down the highway can only keep you enthused for so long. We were strapped for time so the drive along the Alpine Highway or the Princes Highway along the East Coast were not an option so we took the Hume Highway (not exciting). One thing that I picked up along the way is that jittery feeling of excitement, that I left behind somewhere along the way. I know I am dreaming of adventure that is definitely coming my way. Or maybe it was just the over-caffeinated, drive across the South East of Australia...
Melbourne - Sydney 890 km in one day
I've spent a bit of time building up networks and followers to my Facebook and Twitter accounts trying to reach out to greater audiences of wanderers and bloggers like me. I hope to swap stories and hear journeys of liberation, adventure and wanderlust. I've tried getting in touch with people similar to myself to continue mustering up courage to live the ultimate dream.

While I am working, and saving up enough money for my next adventure, I need to remember a few things, and TravellingBuzz helped keep me grounded with: 20 things to do while your not travelling 
One of the problems I have is the ability to get bored really quickly, which is why I can't keep my feet on the ground for very long. So when all else leads to staying grounded, I need to get a little creative, part of the reason I have dedicated so much time to creating my new blog. I am forever interested in searching for new travel destinations that keep my spark alive, so any help in places off the beaten track to help fulfil my need for wanderlust - keep sharing! 

I now have an official Start Wandering Twitter and Instagram, and my next challenge now that I am settled (for the time being), is to work hard on building up this blog and turn it into a website. Any tips and ideas on progressing this for a full time worker starting out in this social media frenzy, would be great! 

Social Media is taking over!

Oh, and on a final note. One thing that is really scary in this life, is life vs. living. It is the struggle of the daily grind against earning enough to make a life, not a living. Why get caught up in the traps of living each day, month and year dreaming and never achieving. By all means this is not just about travel, some people are content in staying put and prefer the career ladder as a form of thriving and make it happen; or sport, or home-making, but if your not doing something to get you closer to your dream, your simply just existing. 
While of late people are not conforming to societies expectations, I have always liked to push the boundaries, and when people keep asking what is next on my list - the answer is not children, just not right now. No, I am not selfish that I want to live my life and travel the years ahead of me with my hubby - who in fact has bigger ideas on having his children on international soil. When I stumbled upon the Zapp family and took a page from their book. This family have been travelling non-stop for over 14 years giving birth to 4 children along the way - each in a different country of course!
What I learnt from their story is that life is surprising, and whatever your journey - you can make it happen. Where I end up, is not the point its where I go along the way that defines me.

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